Gilbert Jr


Who is 6-5-3 Our Way

Hard-working, Focused and Confident


The numbers 6-5-3 represent a softball/baseball play based on positions on the field. The shortstop position (6) has been played by co-owner and youngest, Jesamin, since she started playing softball at 5 years old. Jesamin was a 4-year starter at shortstop for her high school, winning 3 straight State Championship titles while being recognized as Conference Defensive Player of the Year as a Junior and Conference Player of the Year her Senior Year. She was also selected as the Top 100 athletes of Arizona for 2022, a list that included NBA, NCAA and high school nominees. She is currently enrolled at the University of Arizona pursuing her degree in Business. Jesamin assists with Administrative duties for our company, including our accounting duties.

Third base (5) represents the oldest of the three kids, co-owner Gilbert Jr, who started as a third basemen his Freshman thru Senior years in high school and a first day starter at third base when he attended Presentation College in South Dakota on partial scholarship. Gilbert won a World Series Championship in San Diego his Senior year playing on a competitive high school squad made up of players throughout Arizona. Gilbert currently oversees the Graphics and Apparel portion of the company with 6-5-3 Our Way apparel coming soon. He also looks to expand the brand to include a restaurant which most of us are passionate about.

First base (3) represents co-owner Ilyana, who was a starting first baseman for her high school softball team her Sophomore thru Senior years having played since she was 12. Ilyana was selected as an All Star during her playing days. Ilyana also was with a modeling agency and was selected to appear on the Hooters annual calendar. Ily is an avid drag racing car fan and has been part of a pit crew guiding the driver to the start line. She is currently getting her certification as an Aesthetician. Ilyana currently oversees the social media and photo/video posts for the company and is looking to expand our footprint locally and beyond.

Although not a common play made in either softball or baseball, these three made the unconventional plays regularly and made them look easy. Most often barely showing emotion, in a business-like manner while teammates, coaches and spectators were in awe. Their work ethic in practice and on the playing field has translated to their respective young life journeys as they look to create a brand that can help them achieve their respective goals as successful Entrepreneurs while helping others along the way. The name 6-5-3 Our Way represents the way we coach and play the game for any sport. Excelling within the rules of the game and promoting fair play while always challenging the status quo to ensure equal opportunity and accountability. Our customer service is as natural as our well-mannered approach which comes from those who have helped us in our careers, and we look to pay it forward by delivering on our commitment to excellence.

Our Dad/Grandfather taught us at very early ages, as an Apprenticed Carpenter, how to build, fix and care for various items and jobs that were of value to that individual household or business. Taking us on his side jobs assisting in various ways, we learned how to do just about anything while remembering the smiles on the faces of his clients when the job was completed. The quality and effort we put forth is also matched by our customer service and the fact that if something isn't done to your satisfaction, we will make it right. I, (Gil), also had the pleasure of working for a lifelong brother's (Dominic's) father, who owned his own contracting construction company doing some of the things we can do for you, incorporating new ideas and options that exist now that were not available growing up such as TV wall mounting.

We pride ourselves in the quality and care of our work so jobs such as hanging your art on our terms is not just hammering a nail through the wall and calling it done. We will ensure that the proper hardware is used to ensure your items are completed as they are designed to be.

We look forward to meeting you soon!